Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going To Pasar ( Wet Market ) In Citraland

It's been sometime that I am able to sit down and wrote entry to my blog. With my busy working schedule right now, I really appreciate even more this rare opportunity to share what I found lately.

Few weeks ago, I saw on the newspaper that Citraland ( a neighborhood in Surabaya ) just built a brand new wet market or "pasar" as Indonesian people call it.

First of all, let me educate you about Indonesian Pasar or wet market. Usually these kind of places will be super stinky, moist, no air circulation, dark. That is why in this neighborhood they are building a new pasar with different design. I think more eco-friendly too.

The first thing they do I guess it to built less wall. So this place has a good air circulation. For the first time I do not sweat in pasar!

Then because there are a lot of open side, the light can go through but without making this place too hot. I like that, so there is no need to turn on the light bulbs.

They also built fish pond in a rectangular shape, a long one. So they can keep the fish alive and fresh. This is why I came here today! For the fresh fish! I don't know if there is any pasar in Surabaya that has an area for live fish. I guess pasar Citraland is the first one.

Another think I like is that they paint this place white and that combine with a lot of sunlight really makes this place feel clean and cheerful. The good circulation really help also with the smell,this place isn't stinky.

This place also has an area for restaurant which feels clean too. I don't see too many flies flying around in this area.

This man is helping me choose a catfish.

This market is in the area where people with middle-upper level of income live.

In this photo, I want to show you, after watching many rich people buy fresh produce, then I saw this little boy, no more than 3 years old, already has to help his mom make money. He helps his mom by cutting the ugly spot out of the vegetable to make it more presentable. I can not believe that his mom let him use a sharp knife and work! From his hand movement, I can tell he has done this for at least a few months. Long enough. Too long.

His momma is very proud, telling me how well or how early her son start to be useful. I can't imagine my kids do that ...

In this market/pasar, because there are a lot of foreigner live nearby, the map and the information board are bilingual. It has English and Bahasa Indonesia.