Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thai Influence In Surabaya

Since I returned to Indonesia, I have been eating out at new restaurants a couple of time. Mostly I always tried new places that I have never been too. And thank God that there are many new restaurants opened in the past 2 years but for me, there are too many new restaurants that I haven't go to in the past 12 years since I left my home town. Regretfully, I admit that I have been lazy in bringing my camera with me lately because my days has been quite crazy. We are still adjusting to Indonesia and I tried very hard to make the experience to be as smooth as possible for my family.

Tonight my bestfriend "W" and her husband, took us to eat at this new restaurant. I found that lately there are many restaurant that carried name SUKI are opened everywhere. At first I thought the owner must be a very rich man to be able to open his branches at almost every corner of Surabaya, but soon enough "W" explained it to me that SUKI here means eating Chinese style or maybe Thai style of shabu2 or fondue.

They asked you to pick what type of broth that you like first then just like dim-sum, their waitresses are busy pushing a cart piled up high with raw food that you like to dip into your broth. On our table for 4, there are 2 holes on the tables with stainless bowls where we can share 2 different type of broth. She chose tom yum broth and chicken broth.

Then you put as many as you like all those raw ingredients ( seafood, veggies etc ) into the boiling broth. Cook them, then you dip them first into a hot dipping sauce before you eat them. This type of restaurant also offer you many other type of cooking. "W" ordered me deep fried shrimps coated with cornflakes but they already season it first. They are yummy and so crunchy!

Since it's her treat ... I enjoyed the food even more...hahaha....

Another thing that I found, Indonesian loves Thai dessert. They are served at almost on every restaurants. Especially the one that has SUKI name on it.

Those Thai desserts are to die for! They are so adorably cute and they taste so good! I have a hard time not to greedily gobble them up! If you like Durian...oh boy...oh boy... you are in for a treat as well! Those deep-fried durian is superb!

Pic: Look at that desserts! Aren't they a beauty? Wait till you taste them!

I also ate at this Black Canyon Coffee restaurant just accross from Surabaya International School. It's a fusion Thai restaurant. Their food is really full of flavor. I love their tom yum soup and their seafood salad! Man... they are just at the right sourness and spiciness! Beside they are very tasty, the owner of this restaurant happens to be my parents' friend so they just gave me a discount card that I can use all around this restaurant's branches. This restaurant is a franchise from Thailand. So I can use my discount card in Thailand too. GREAT!

Pic: Deep-fried shrimps for appetizer

Pic: Baked fish

Pic: Seafood salad

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