Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cooking With Tea

2 weeks ago I went to my cooking class again to learn how to cook using tea. This class is a difficult one to try again at home because of the main ingredient. Tea. Problem is the tea that the teacher used are all mixed mostly by him because he own a tea store in Bali. He does supply Ranch 99 with his tea and but unless you can get your hand on them, how can you even try his recipes? Lucky me that I can off course but I know most of you who read this do not leave any where near Indonesia. The teacher also gave us some alternative teas but I don't think they can give the same result. That's why I won't even try to write the recipes here. But I would like to share my photos with you. Maybe you can search for similar recipes over the internet.

The first picture on top are 3 of the teas that he used to cook today. The top one is the fruit tea for the salad, the pale color one is ginger tea, and the last one is Fire tea ( I think they consist of black pepper, coriander seeds, and cumin ).

Today class is the most quiet time. I did not hear any people gossips, too many phone calls made using cellphones, rude remark regarding my size ( read last entry )

I wonder if that's because the chef today is a good looking one? HE does have a stronger personality. Since he is still very young, and he came from Bali maybe made him a bit more unique. He is tall, have a strong face feature, have an earing on one of his ear, wearing funky 3/4 jeans to teach below his chef's white top, and colorful surfing shoes ... Anyway, what ever the reason, those talkative female students, young and old seems to pay him extra respect and attention. Hmmm ....

The advantage that I get from this is this is the first class that I have not been rudely tell to shut up when I only want to help, no body tells me that I am big, and for the first time ... Thank God... I can hear what the teacher is saying even though he doesn't have to speak too loud on the microphone so he can hear himself talking over the chattering of his students.

Alright, so here are the photos and the name of the food/drink.

Pic: Exotic Fruit Salad with Fruit Paradise Dressing

Pic: Ginger Tea Oxtail Soup

Pic: Ginger Tea Chicken Thigh Salad with Green Tea Salad Dressing

Pic: Green Tea Ice Drink

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