Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Baking Bread Without Recipe

Here we go again ... for our company's Wednesday meeting, Nur surprise me again by making 3 different type of bread from the same dough and she did all this without using any recipe! From my interview with her I found out that her ex-employer back in Saudi Arabia used to sell food, and Nur's job was to help her make the food. So she has done this for 5 years! And I benefited from her 5 years experience now!!!

Even more blessing is, when I, ehm...fired the company's cook ( not our personal cook which is Juli ) because she stole stuff, and other things ( the list is very long ). We become short of cook, and Nur asked if she can bring her cousin to work for us as the new cook for the company and we let her do just that. Ana was ( I said was, not is ) shy at first and we thought she couldn't cook as well as the last cook ( she was bad but she can cook, when she wanted to ) but at least as long as she is honest, we will keep her here. But now after few months has past, to our surprise, she can cook! Now we found out also that she used to work for 4 years in Malaysia, so she understand about Malaysian cuisine and Singaporean cuisine. Not too much unfortunately since her ex-employer there is also an Indonesian.

So now, we have 3 cooks. Ana is great ( so far that we know about her ) at cooking Indonesian food, she made a killer satay too that can chalenge any restaurant. Then Nur is very good at baking and she is very comfortable at adapting a lot of recipe from frying into roasting so they can be healthier. It doesn't mean she can fry, she is good at frying too! And Juli, the most senior one in here , she is an excellent cook too, but what makes her different is her drive to experiment with recipe books just like me. Because of that, I kept buying her new recipe books and I even suscribe a cooking magazine for her. I also updated a lot of their cooking tools because I think since my mom is not a cook and the last cook kept stealing our tools, the tools that they have are all need to be replace badly! That's where I am good ....

So now we have those 3 cooks, plus me off course, and all we need now is a bartender that I think my husband can be the one and I think we are ready to open a restaurant! Haha! Just kidding ... just kidding ....

So here is another baking show done by Nur ...


Since Nur started to make the bread without my knowledge I can't give the exact measurement. But from her answers when I asked her this is all I can say about the recipe.

For the dough, she is just using warm water, a little sugar and salt then oil, sprinkle the yeast let it bubble up first. Then add milk powder and flour. She let it rest first before she deflate it and shape the bread.

For the first bread she make that looks like a croissant, this is the filling recipe ( sort of ) :

Melt butter in a pan, then add chopped garlic, chilies, and onions. Sauted them first. Then Add shredded carrot and chopped green onion. Then add chopped raw chicken ( or you can use ground chicken ). Season it with salt and pepper. Last, add cream cheese too.

I love this bread the most because it's so spicy!

For the cinnamon bread, she just flattened the dough into a large rectangle, then she brush the dough with butter but not until the edges. Then she mix sugar with ground cinnamon in a bowl and sprinkle them on top of the dough before she rolled the dough and pinch it closed. Then she cut them and open it a little so that you can see the cinnamon filling. Later after she baked them, she mixed confectioner sugar with milk and drizzle the bread with the glaze.

For the third bread, the cream cheese bread, she just flattend the dough first then spread the cream cheese on it and shape it into a knot.

For all of the bread, she brush their top with egg wash and baked them on 200C oven. As long as the bread look puff up and the top turn to golden brown, that's mean the bread is ready.

What can I say about my 3 cooks? All I know is that their ex-employers lost is my gain. I think next time I need a cook, I will try to get someone who has worked overseas for at least 4 years. I think they are more interesting when they already have that much experience. But off course, honesty and a good character still the most important requirement ...

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