Vegetarian Rolls

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My mother in law who is a very devout Buddhist is a vegetarian. She is the first one who introduce it to me that vegetarian food can be quite tasty and far from being bland. One of the many new wondrous food that she showed me is this rolls. So easy to make. The reason why is because I happen to buy a plastic container where I can grow my own alfalfa sprouts or any other sprouts. So she taught me how to make these delicious and healthy rolls.


6 leaves of lettuce
4 Tbs Mayonnaise ( for this dish, I prefer using Japanese mayo, not the American mayo, because it's milder )
3 Nori Sheets
3 Cups Alfalfa sprouts
1/2 Cup Ground roasted peanut mixed with 2 Tbs sugar

And if you can find it in your asian grocery store, buy the vegetarian version of shreded dried pork ( Abon ), it usually made with Shitake mushroom. In your grocery store, go to the Abon section and find the one that says for vegetarian.


Step 1
Wash lettuce and pat dry. Rinse the sprouts, drain, and divide into 6 equal portions.

Step 2
Cut each nori sheet into halves.

Step 3
On each nori sheet, place a lettuce leaf, a portion of alfalfa sprouts, sweeten ground roasted peanut, mayo, and maybe vegetarian Abon (dried shredded shitake mushrooms ). Roll it up as a cylinder. Serve right away so the nori will stay crips while you bite it.

You will be surprise at how refreshing this rolls taste is and it is so good for your health too! You need to experiment on your own about how much of each filling you like to put in your rolls. It's a matter of your own preference.

NOTE : There is a method to make the nori even more crisp. You roast it in oven or heated wok for a while to crisp.


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