Obsessing About Food

Lately I just realize that I am quiet obsess with food. Just look at my brunch today, while I eat my previously frozen unagi that I always stocked up when ever they are on sale at my Asian grocery, my light reading in the morning is not newspaper, it's a Japanese recipe book that I borrow from the library.

So, what did I cook for tonight dinner? Here they are:

The first dish is Sizzling Spicy Shrimp from the Breath of Wok.

The second dish is my own creation, basically I just want to stir-fry simple vegetable dishes. Since my son loves baby corn, so I just mixed the baby corns with the sugar snap peas. The seasoning couldn't be simpler, just sliced garlic that was fried first with a little bit of oil, then add soy sauce and my very own stock that I made using slow cooker. The sugar snap peas stay sweet and crunchy while the corn absorb the soy sauce and they became a little salty but still crunchy too.

The third dish is " Mongolian Beef ", from the Breath of Wok again.

If my morning light reading is Japanese recipe book that I will buy my own copy real soon, then at night, my light reading is another recipe book, this time is a Cantonese Recipe book that I also borrowed from the library. Hmmmm....


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