Last week on a wimp, I asked my family if they would like to eat out. Richard, my dad, and my son went along with me, but my baby and my mom stayed home. Originally we were planning to eat Taiwanese food that was being showcased at Jamoo in Shangri-La Hotel but I was wrong, the last day of the Taiwanese cuisine show was yesterday ( lucky we went there once the week before ) so now we have to find different restaurant for our dinner. My father proposed for us to eat at SeaMaster, a seafood market and restaurant. They carry a lot of live seafood that you can't find in grocery stores, the price you pay is already include the cost to cook them for you, but if you insist on just buying them and cook them at home you can also do that. Maybe next time I will, but for now, we just want to eat them in the restaurant. This is not my first time to be there but I still like it because sometime they carries different seafood. I definitely plan to find out more places like Seamaster. To see the map, you can click here. For the address:
Sea Master
(Food Garden).
Jl. Mayjen Sungkono , Bundaran Tol. Surabaya
Telp: (031) 7321721
11AM-10PM , Open everyday

Now, let me show you the dishes and the video clips that I took from this restaurant.


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