Monday, May 14, 2007

Eating Singaporean Food At Prima Taste Kitchen

My dear sweet hubby invited my mom ( and my dad too ) to eat in a restaurant at her own choice for mother's day. This is her first time to celebrate Mother's day because in Indonesia, we don't really care about that important day ( shame on all of us!!! ). At first she kept telling us to pick the restaurant for her but we were quite adamant that she has to pick one up on her own. Her only requirement was a new restaurant that none of us has ever tried before. Luckily it was easy to pick one up with that requirement. At that time we happen to be at Galaxy Mall and at the newer building on the top level is their new designated restaurant area. After walking around and around, she finally make up her mind at this Singaporean franchise restaurant called Prima Taste Kitchen.

The menu is very familiar to us so we can order them with confidence. When the waitress gave us our table we were kind of worried, they look to small for us, but she insist that it's fine. I guess she doesn't know us yet ....

Soon enough after she took our loooonnggg order, she started to look worried but since we look settled in on our chairs, she did not say a word.

All I can say is that the food has to come in stages or we will need to put some plate on the neighboring table. Oo...yeah... we did that ....hahaha.... my father kept putting empty plates to the table next to him...hahaha...

How was the food you ask?

By the end of the meal we all agree that while some are good, for the rest, my cooking is better. For example the Hainan Chicken is too bland. The Bai Kut Teh is way to plain too. The fried rice is decent and I love their tea because they flavour the sugar syrup with pandan leaves...nice touch! Oh yeah... I have to give a credit for their bread. I wish I can make it that nice.

Pic: My hainan chicken rice

Pic: Baikut teh... do you agree with me that this looks bland?

Pic: Both hubby and daddy love this the most since they are noodle lover. They said it taste just like any other hokkian mie/noodle.

Pic: 2 different desserts and I think that is kangkong in the middle.

While researching for this story, I found out that Prima Taste originally famous for their ready to cook pastes. I wonder if the chefs in Surabaya's branch dilute it too much that is why they mostly taste bland? Except with their Prata bread since they can't dilute it, maybe they really have to follow it to the letter and I can see the result right away.

NOTE: I did not take pictures all of the food that we order .... :)) maybe if I did, I would have to walk back further to get a good zoom to our table... :)

For the restaurant information you can see it here:

Prima Taste Kitchen

Mall Galaxy Extension, 4 Floor, Unit 403,
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 35-37,
Surabaya 60115
Tel: 62 31 591 5909

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