Sunday, September 23, 2007

Food We Miss From Our Trip To Taiwan

It's been a month since we came back from Taiwan and both of us already miss some of the food that we ate there. Eating out in Taiwan is really fun because the variety are endless and they are really everywhere. Every mall will surely have a nice food court, at night time you can always go to night market, there are always a lot of food sellers on the street day and night, and when you are hungry at 3 o'clock in the morning, you can always go to 7-11 convenient stores to get food. 7-11 stores and their competitors are truly becoming a lifestyle in Taiwan. Almost on every block you can see at least one 24hr convenient store. Sometime even all 4 corners has one store. How this can become like this is because this convenient stores do not only sell stuff, they also become a post office, a bank. You can go there and download some music, you can go there to pay your parking ticket or fine, you can go there to recycle plastic bottles and glass too. If you buy something over the internet and your apartment happen not to have a security guard that can receive the package while you work, then you can send your order to the nearest 7-11 store. Even when I want to order shipping boxes to ship our stuff back to Indonesia, the shipping company employee told me that next time I can just walk to a nearby specific convenient store and get the boxes from there for free because they already have an agreement with that convenient stores to carry their boxes that are specifically built with their standard requirement for strength and size for international shipping. How convenient is that???

The food in there is also quiet decent. They have fresh bread every morning and by evening what ever they can not sell is on sale. Bentos are sold in many different types. They sell Oden, piping hot, tea eggs, sticky rice wrapped in leaves ( bak cang ), and many more other hot food.

I love also going to the wet market near my mother in law's home. Food is good and most of them cost me about US $ 1 each! Like one dollar shave ice with 3 toppings, one bowl of noodle soup, one box of small dumplings, one egg pancake with green onion, etc.

Small wonder why a lot of Taiwanese girls can not cook. They don't have to that's why!

So here are some of the photos I took of the food that we enjoy during our stay in Taipei ...

Here is the new rage in Taiwan, people get tired of oily and heavily spice food, so now they turn to this Japanese style hot pot with superior clear soup, very fresh vegetables, and high quality of meat. You eat it with dipping sauce on the side. You mix the dipping sauce yourself.

This is a new food for me. That long white strand in the soup is Pig's bone marrow. They said it is good for our health. True or not I can't answer you , but it sure is delicious. Very smooth silky texture. I tried to copy this dish at my home with very little success.... the marrow breaks everywhere and make the soup messy. The marrow also become tougher. I have no idea how to copy this dish.
Tired after shopping? Get in this restaurant where we an sip our Earl Grey tea and nibble on some sweet and savory sandwiches and cake.
To make sure that we will not brew our tea too long , they give us this small tool. Brew the tea no longer than 3 minutes.
Below is our tuna sandwich. They look nicer than my tuna sandwich at home, hahaha. What you can see is that on top of the sandwich, they put buttery pastry. So when you bite the sandwich, you get a nice crunch on the top.
And how can we resist this all-you-can-eat-buffet? For NT 700 or US $ 21 we can enjoy both hotpot and BBQ at our table. For starter they have a salad buffet with soup too. Then you can start cooking your hot pot and BBQ at your table. They have meats and seafood too. The lamb chops are imported from other country. After that you can choose what kind of dessert you want, they have a fruits buffet, ice cream buffet, and shave ice buffet. They also provide you with drinks. There is a cappuccino/espresso machine too.

Above, you can see our pile of meats waiting to be cook in our hot pot or BBQ.
Pic: With 2 brother in laws busy cooking for their big brother, we can enjoy the food faster!

Now, here are some photos of food that we ate in the food courts around Taipei.
Pic: I love this tofu dessert!!!
Pic: Japanese style curry
Pic: Steak and pasta with soup and salad on the side.

Now let me show you the food that we eat on the street of Taipei ...
Pic: The famous stinky tofu. Our visit to Taipei will not feel complete without tasting this dish!

Now, the food that we ate from Night Market near my son's summer camp...
Pic: A very cheap, large and delicious pepper steak!
Pic: I look scary but I am good for your tummy and your health!!! This is catfish cook with Chinese medicine.
Pic: Compare to the bowl, you can see this cat fish is very big!!! Yet it's cheap!!!
Pic : I love Taiwanese sausages they taste sweet and very juicy!
Now here is a giant mango. When I first saw it I was so surprise at the size. Then I told R to put it on a scale. It weight more than 2 kilogram ( 4 lbs ) each! I am even more surprise when my mother in law peel it and she showed me how thin is it's seed. No more than 1.5 cm.

Vid: On this video this food is called Taiwanese Hot Dog. Unlike American Hot Dog that use bread. This one use sticky rice that they split like a normal hot dog. Then they put the Taiwanese sausage in the middle with a variety of condiments and sauce.

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