Welcome To Raohe Street Night Market In Taipei

When ever we came to Taipei, my mother in law never fails to bring us to meet her brother sisters and even her aunt. Last time we already met her oldest sister who live very near the Elite bookstore that I love in this story. . This time we went to her old home also in Taipei. After we chat for a short while, Richard, me and Kai Kai left my mother in law and La La in her youngest sister' home while we walk to Raohe St. Night Market. If watching the many videos that I embedded on this story make you want to go to Raohe St. Night market, you better click on this link because it has the more detail information on what you should eat while you are there, how to go there etc.

Nobody seems surprise when I walk around shoving my camera in front of their faces because I saw many other foreigners do that there. That's why I am comfortable enough to make these long movies for you to see.

This night market is famous for their stinky tofu stew. The best one is from the store in that area, not from the sellers that sold their stinky tofu stew in the middle of the street. There is only one stinky tofu seller that own their own store in the building next to the street so it's hard to miss it.

What we ate there last night were:

1. Deep-fried stinky tofu with cabbage pickle
2. Tempura corn sprinkled with garlic seasoning with chili powder upon request
3. BBQ corn with chili upon my request again
4. Mango shave ice with sweet condense milk pour on top
5. Pan-fried quails
6. Lemon juice drink
7. Sago pearl in strawberry flavor coconut drink
8. Catfish in a Chinese herb soup
9. Baby oyster cooked with egg and glutinous rice flour mixture and tomato sauce
10. My ultimate must have food in night market, strawberries coated with crunchy caramel on a stick, you can find the recipe for this food in here.

It seems a lot right? But actually that's nothing compare to what this night market has to offer ...

So here they are the movie and the pictures that I took so you can sort of experience Raohe St. Night Market with us .... Enjoy!

Movie: Entering the gate at Raohe St. Night Market

Pic:Steamed sweet corn

Pic: Puff pastry

Pic: Tradition Chinese cake

Pic: Grill savory mochi

Pic: Assortment of stewed food for snacking. They usually use several different of spices such as fennel, cinnamon, star anise, etc then use a lot of soy sauce and sugar for the basic stewing liquid. Because the seller keep adding so many ingredients into her basic stew liquid, it becomes tastier and tastier. Something that is hard to reproduce with home-cooking. If you want to achieve this flavor fast, then add either chicken stock or use bullion in your stewing liquid.

Pic: 2 of my favorite things. On the left is BBQ corn, very unique flavor. Right side : first you pick what you like, then they either deep-fried or BBQ it for you with their sauce. Then you can request them to add chili if you want.

Pic: From traditional Chinese sweet to fish. Even dogs and birds ...

Pic: My other favorite food. On the left is the mango shave ice that is availability is seasonal, the on the right is the strawberries coated with crunchy caramel on a stick.

Pic: My pan-fried quail and he also sells wild boar meat.

Pic: He is drizzling sweet condense milk on top of his mango shave ice

Pic: On the left is Richard eating his catfish cooked in Chinese herbs soup.

Movie: The interior of the old temple


Faith said…
I am impressed with how clean everything seems to be form your photos. I always thought it would be dirtier. All the food looks marvelous!!!!! Thanks for sharing :)
Faith xo