Monday, August 14, 2006

Fuchi Harbor, A Heaven for Seafood Lover

When Richard 2 friends said they are going to take us for a whole day of photography activity, they are not kidding. I have been holding my camera all the time today because there just too many things to record and to share with you.

So after spending a couple hours under the blazing sun at the Japanese Anime Festival at Taipei, how else better to end the day by spending time at the seaport, enjoying the amazing array of seafood that is available there!

Going here is always interesting because I keep finding new things to see. If you love to eat and cook seafood, you really have to come to this place. The variety of seafood that they sell here is unbelievable! There is no way I can record every single one of them in one visit. Even if I come here often, it doesn't mean they will have the same thing again and again. The keep adding new things!

I kept being left behind everybody because everybody except me and Kai Kai are so used to this abundant choices of seafood. For me, I have never seen this many different type of seafood in my life!

Kai Kai loves this place too because he can see so many cool animal outside the aquarium. Actually a lot of things that we used to see at Vancouver Aquarium is being eaten here!

So, keep scrolling down, I tried my best to show you how great is the seafood in Fuchi Harbor in Taiwan is! The rich base fishing port is located the Taipei county Shimen township rich base village, that is Nanan of in the Taiwan most northmost part.

Pic: A type of shrimp, very expensive but taste really good. It is quite big, about 20-25 cm long.

Pic: From the lower part, from left to right: unshelled snails, fish skins, silver fish that I am going to eat later, fish intestines.

Pic: The seller knowing that I want to take a picture of the blowfish, he grab it and make the fish angry enough to start getting puffy and show it's sharp thorn. As a result, the hand of the seller bleeding ! I feel so bad for him since I did not buy anything after that ...

Pic: Fish eggs.

Pic: Fish roe. One time I was invited to eat in my parents friend' home, the wife serve this fish roe in a pickle liquid that taste really good but in Indonesia this fish roe is hard to get. I definitely will ask her for the recipe when I see her in Indonesia later. that you have seen how Fuchi Harbor looks like. Then I show you the sellers working hard to sell their stuff. Then I show you the people who came there to choose the live seafood first then the seller will later cook them in their restaurant. So what ever you eat here is super fresh.

Now that you have seen the raw seafood. Let me show you what I eat. All this meal is paid by Lauren, Richard's friend from his workplace before in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Here are the food that I enjoy with everybody ...

Pic: This fish is called silver fish. I usually buy it in much smaller size about the same size as my pinky. But these fish that they deep-fried to a perfection is about 15 cm or 6 inches long. What amazing about this fish is, they have no scale and bones or hard head. So even young children can just eat them up like eating fish stick. And they are so delicious and nutritious!!! With smaller one, you can deep-fried them too, or use it in a porridge or make it into a soup with spinach, a definitely healthy food for children.

Pic: Look at that crab , absolutely full of it's eggs!

Pic: Because maybe the crab is so fattening from it's egg, you dip the crab in this diluted vinegar sauce.

Pic: Clam soup cooked with shredded young ginger in a tin foil. The clams are so big and so fresh they taste so wonderful!


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AMAZING!!!!! Simply amazing! I hope Darren and I will get to see this place one day! Thank you very much for sharing's such a treat to see such wonderful places and you do it all so well! Thank you!