Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stay Home In Taiwan and Snacking ...and snacking...and snacking...

Pic: My breakfast, noodle soup with deep-fried fish.

Pic: My all time favorite drink in this hot weather, Taiwanese shaved ice.

Pic: The notorious stinky tofu.

In the past few days since I arrived in Taiwan, I experienced 2 typhoons and one tiny earthquake. Not bad huh?

Luckily both typhoon did not really hit Taiwan, they both just passed nearby only because the second typhoon turn out to be the big one. It hit China and the TV said that this typhoon is the worst one that hit China in the past 50 years. While here we only experience thunderstorm like the one I had in Indonesia, tropical thunderstorm. No big deal.

So what can we do at home? Eat off course and updating my blogs...

Before I tell you about my snacks, let me tell you that living here in my parents' in law home, is totally different from my home, here my mother in law ( MIL ) only cook dinner. So for breakfast and lunch, we have to fend ourselves and find our food ourselves. Actually, my MIL always offered to buy the food for me but I would rather go out myself to find my own food. It's more fun that way right?

My favorite spot is the local market because in one spot I can try many different food. I like ordering different type of noodle soup in there and washed it down with Taiwan shaved ice. Yum!

Then when my brother in law ( BIL ) heard that we have to stayed home, he came here late at night and brought so many snacks for me! I guess he knows me well huh?

Then my father in law ( FIL ) bought more snacks for me to try too, he always does this to me, every time I come to his home, he will buy many traditional snacks for me to taste!!!

I guess it's obvious to them that I am obssessed with food?

Pic: The traditional snacks that my FIL bought for me. All different type of what they call, Cow's tongue cookie.

Pic: Look at this thin cookie, one of the snack that my FIL bought. It is so crips and sweet. I love it!

Pic: My MIL bought this beef jerky for me and Kai Kai.

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Pic: From my BIL, pastry with something sweet inside, to be honest, I have not try it yet.

Pic: From my BIL, inside is purple yam, sweetened and then added with cinnamon.

Pic: Konyaku Jelly with preserved plum inside. It's from my BIL also.

Pic: Chocolate covered mochi with strawberry filling in the middle. Also from my BIL.

Pic: My MIL bought this spicy beef noodle for my lunch!

Pic: Green Egg - my MIL mix the eggs with one type of leaves that she mix with olive oil in a blender, she said this leaves is really good for anti-cancer. My son for some reason loves this fried green eggs very much!

Pic: I cook this dried shrimps that I bought from the market. You can see their fresh photo from here.

Pic: Part is my cooking for my father in law, the fish and the corn and the shrimps are my cooking, everything else is not.

Pic: Another gift from my BIL, traditional mochi with different fillings. Peanut, red beans etc.

Okay then.... I am going to keep you updated on what I eat in Taiwan...


BundaZidan&Syifa said...

wah mocinya yummy banget...

Yohana Wu said...

Yes, they are very yummy, and they can't last long because they don't use any preservative or any additives at all.