Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My Father In Law's 60th Birthday

Last night we celebrate my father in law's 60th birthday at next door seafood restaurant. It's also our last dinner together before we return to Indonesia tonight.

Every time we came to Taiwan we always eat at this restaurant because it's so convenient, just a few steps away from where my in laws live. The differences between this time dinner and previous dinner are first we have a new addition of daughter in law, Sau Ya. Then the second is the new addition of a new granddaughter, La La.

Here are the menu :

Pic: Deep-fried boneless pork ribs

Pic: The famous clam ginger soup that Richard keep ordering

Pic: Steamed Fish and 3 cups squid with Thai basil ( holly basil )

Pic: Deep-fried Smelt with pepper and salt dip, Pork Small Intestine cooked with sliced ginger and sour mustard

Pic: Spicy Shark dish and noodle dish

Pic: Another KangKong dish ( water spinach/ ong choi ) and what the shark meat look like. I think after Richard marry me, his cuisine has broadening a lot if not, I think he will still eat the same food again and again. I asked my family here about which part of the shark is this dish made of but nobody can answer me that.

Pic: Kai Kai teasing his sister

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Faith said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing this. What a wonderful idea! La La is getting so BIG! She is so beautiful and of course Kai Kai has grown a great deal and still as handsome as ever. Now I recognize Richard with his short hair...before with long hair, Amanda and I REALLY liked that!!!! Say hi to every one! Kiss the babes from us :)