Chicken Feet - Dim Sum Style

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I get this recipe from my friend's mom who is a Cantonese in Surabaya. She is a great cook and she also taught cooking class. She did not gave me a specific recipe but I think I manage to creat a more specific recipes to copy.


2 lb of chicken feet
1 Tbs of minced ginger
1 Tbs of minced garlic
2 red chilies,chopped
4 Tbs of Oyster sauce
1 Tbs rice wine
2 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs dark soy sauce
1 Tbs of cornstarch
1 Tbs of sesame oil

If you happen to be as lucky as me, you can buy already fried chicken feet from your grocery store. But if not, you have to deep fried the chicken feet first and then submersed them in icy water. The difference temperature from very hot and then cold can loosen up those skins off the chicken feet bones.

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Step 1 Depending on how lucky you are, you have to deep fried the chicken feets then put them right away into a bowl of icy water.

Step 2 Mixed all the seasoning in a bowl

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Step 3 Mixed the sauce with the chicken feet then move them to a heat proof plate or bowl and then steamed it for about 20 minutes. Use medium-high heat.

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