Simple Tofu Skin Soup

Most of the time in my refrigerator I always keep a bag of tofu skin. Since I live in Vancouver and in here this stuff is so easy to get, I prefer the fresh one. But you can always substitute it with the dry one just make sure that you rehydrate them first by soaking them in water until they are soften up. The ingredients in this recipe is very simple, all you need is chicken stock and you can either made it from scratch or use Chicken stock powder like Knorr for example. Then the next ingredients is the tofu skins, water, cornstarch, and either green onion or cilantro for taste and decoration on top. For flavor, you only add salt and a dash of sesame oil and voila ! You just made a soup.

Although sometimes I like to try more complicated recipe but on normal day where I prefer to sit on my couch and watch sitcoms, I prefer simple dish as this.


1. pack of tofu skins
I use this brand but you can try others as well

2. Chicken stock
3. Salt
4. A dash of sesame oil
5. 1.5 L of water
6 3 Tbs of cornstarch mixed with a little water
7 green onions/cilantro


Step 1 If you are using dry tofu skin, put them in water and wait until they are rehydrate then cut them into smaller pieces.

Step 2 Put them in the soup then bring them to a boil and reduce it to simmer for about 30 minutes or until they are really soft.

Step 3 Thicken the soup with cornstarch mixed with a little bit of water. Then season it with salt according to your taste.
Step 4 Drizzle a little bit of sesame oil on top, sprinkle slices of green onions or use a little bit of cilantro.
Step 5 Serve


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