Fish and Papaya Soup

Papaya promotes lactation. This soup is suitable for breast-feeding mothers without sufficient milk secretion.


300 gr green papaya
8 red dates
3 slices ginger

500 gr fresh fish tail
salt to taste


1. Peel, seed, and cut papaya into pieces.
2. Heat 3 Tbs of oil in pan. Fry fish until golden brown.
3. Put (A) and fish in stewing pot. Pour in 1.5 L of hot water and salt to taste.
4. Put stewing pot into double boiler. Cover and cook for 2 hrs.

1. Again, I think it is easier just to steam this dish inside a heat proof bowl.
2. For myself, I usually use pork feet, peanuts / soy beans, gingers, and green papaya steam for a long time until the pork feets are tender. Pork feet has the gelatinous substance that is really good for promoting lactation. Also for adolescent girls who wants to have bigger boobs...yeah... I just said the "B" word.


B said…
Thanks for this great recipe. I've used it before and rather not ask my Hong Kong sister for it again. I get an earful. This was a lot easier on my ears and self esteem.