Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Week of Experimenting with Chef's The Spicy Way Book

Books...books...books...I love books so much and lately I have been buying more and more recipe books to add to my collection. I lost count already on how many I have. While the new books are exciting because they are more challenging, I miss the simplicity from some of my old recipe books.

Everytime I went back to Taiwan to visit my in laws, I always bought between 10 to 20 recipe books with me. Not all of them I have tried, some of them I just look at the pictures.

So I just pick one book that I haven't tried before, it's called Chef's The Spicy Way Book. From a glance I found that the recipes are pretty easy with common enough ingredients. My kind of book!

Even though I wish I can maKe gorgeous food like some foodies, I found that I don't have the time or maybe the drive to spent hours in the kitchen when I have a newborn baby to take care and a little boy too!

I just like something simple but tasty. Since my husband loves hot spicy food, so I think this book will satisfy his taste. Off course I tame it down a little for the sake of my son....

So I made a shopping list for the ingredients, I am surprise that none of them are expensive or even close to exotic. Very common, and cheap, wow... this book is getting better by the minute!

So everyday I tried 2 or more dishes. Off course not all of them are to my liking, but some do and I am posting the pictures of the dishes that I will want to cook again next time.



6 chickens wings
minced garlic as needed ( I use 4 cloves )
yam flour as needed ( I use cornstarch )

1 Tbs cooking wine
1 tsp chili powder
2 tsp
MSG as needed

1. Rinse chicken wings, marinate in garlic and seasonings for 2 hrs.
2. Coat chicken wings with cornstarch ( or yam flour ), deep-fry in oil until
done, remove and drain. Ready to serve.


2/3 lb squid meat
2 red chilies
2 cloves garlic
1 scallion
1 Tbs garlic flavour peanuts (I don't have it so I substitute with roasted cashew)
1 Cup egg yolk powder -- I don't understand what it means so I use egg yolk to
marinade the squid then coat them in cornstarch.

1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
thick soy sauce as needed
MSG as needed

1. Rinse squid, cut into long strips, coat with the egg yolk powder and deep-fry
in oil until done.
2. Cut red chilies into sections, slice garlic and cut scallion into sections, add
to wok and stir-fry with a little oil until fragrant, return squid strips, add
peanuts and seasonings, stir until well-mixed. Remove and ready to serve.



2 Chinese cucumbers ( I use English cucumbers )
1 fresh chili peppers
2 cloves garlic
peppercorns as needed

1 tsp salt
MSG as needed -- this time you really need MSG to achieve the real taste like in
restaurant because the MSG that separate this dish from the usual
cucumber pickle

1. Rinse cucumbers, remove inner flesh and cut into small sections, add 1 tsp
salt, let rest for a while to allow cucumbers to release their bitter liquid.
2. Cut chili peppers into sections and slice garlic; stir-fry peppercorns in wok with oil until fragrant, remove and discard, then add chili peppers and garlic, stir well and remove to let cool.
3 Rinse cucumbers under water to remove salt, remove, drain, add method (2), salt and MSG, mix well and chill in refrigerator for 2 hrs. Ready to serve.

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