Sunday, July 02, 2006

Too Many Recipe Books

Lately I made different dishes almost everyday. Even for one dinner time, I usually made about 2 - 3 different recipes that I have never tried before. Well, if you buy so many cookbooks, you might as well try new recipes everyday or it will be just a waste of money to buy all those cookbooks. At least that's what I think.

Problem is, now that I want to post the recipe, I couldn't remember where the recipes come from! Oh well... I guess I can only post the pictures of the meals that I made.

Here they are ...

A very healthy soup, it's made from home-made chicken broth, lots of kale, and eaten with spicy chorizo sausages.

Sea cucumber in brown sauce, a classic in restaurant.

Preparing a Tony Roma's ribs ( Carolina Honey Ribs ) for a father's day feast for Richard.

Beef Pepper Steak with Sweet Onion On A Sizzling Hot Plate.

Sichuan Style Eggplants with Ground Meat Sauce.

Korean Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup. I made the broth using my slow cooker for almost 20 hrs! I use a mix of OX tails and pork neck bones.

French Style Coconut Macaroons, it's not using the usual sweetened condense milk. So it is not really sweet. The recipe comes from the book behind the macaroons.

Salt and Pepper Shrimps from the book of The Chinese Kitchen by Eileen Yin-Fei Lo

Pork in Sweet Bean Sauce , I think from the same book with the salt and pepper shrimp.

Well... beside the recipes above, there are still some more but I do not post them because I don't like the way the photos look like, not because they taste bad.

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