Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pork Fat Rule!

Today I saw fresh bacon is on sale at the Asian grocery that I went to, so I bought 2 slabs. At home I search through my new cookbooks that I bought in Seattle, I found that if I grind this fresh bacon, I can make 2 different Shanghainese dishes and still has a little leftovers left. So I search through my closet to find my meat grinder. Some times when I don't need to grind a lot, I will just use my food processor. But I think this time I will use a meat grinder. So first I took off the skin from the meat, then I cut it into smaller pieces about 1 inch. Then I start feeding them into my meat grinder little by little.

Then I separate them into 3. One for making Deep-fried Shrimp Balls, another for making Lion Head, and the last one for freezer.

When making the Shrimp balls I use my food processor to grind the shrimp and mix it with the pork. But when I made Lion Head, I just use my hand.

Above: Lion Head

Making these dishes with pork fat really makes a different. The Lion Head become a lot more tender and the shrimp balls is more elastic but tender.

Off course for people who don't want to use pork fat, I found a great recipe at one of Martha Stewart Book that use tofu. I tried this recipe also and I found it almost as good as the original one that using pork fat.

Above: Deep-fried Shrimp Balls

The same day, I also just made a simple stir fried vegetable. Here in Vancouver, we had such a huge selection of Asian vegetables that I don't even bother to learn their names. If it is for stir-fry, they usually clean them and pack them inside a plastic bag. How convenient!

Then I made another Shanghainese Dish. It's called Steam Fish with Crispy Bean. It's a unique dish that normally you won't find it in a Chinese restaurant. Even I just learn it here in Vancouver. First I steam the fish with green onions , salt, and rice wine. When it's done, move the fish to a different plate without the green onions. Then using this special crispy bean from a bottle, I fried it first. You don't have to use oil, since the crispy bean is in the oil already. So just put them on your wok and fried them until they are starting to get crispy, then add slice green onions and mixed it up. You can add salt and maybe a dash of sesame oil to your taste. Then pour them on top of the fish.

Above: Steam Fish with Crispy Bean

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eliza said...

Yo, aku minta dong resepnya martha stewart yg pake tofu itu...soalnya aku liat2 resep bukuku ya pake pork fat. kadang sih diselipin aja ya...hehehe, yg tau cuma aku.