Friday, June 23, 2006

Always Looking For New Inspiration On What To Cook

Yes, I think it is important to always on the look out for new inspiration on what to cook. Lately, everytime we went out to eat, I choose for brand new restaurants. In Vancouver where there are already thousands of restaurants and yet more and more are open still. For example there is this new Korean restaurant open at Lansdowne Mall. I went to try their food when they are only open for 3 days. The food is pretty good, the decor is so far the best for Korean restaurants in Vancouver, but the service is still not there yet. Maybe because they are still so new so the waitresses are not familiar enough with their job yet. Some of the food also not available yet at that time, I am not sure about it now, maybe they do already. Price wise, slightly more expensive than other Korean Restaurants.

Lansdowne Centre
5300 No.3 Road
Richmond BC V6X 2X9
Tel: 604-270-1344

The rice cake soup

The Beef ribs BBQ ( Bul Kal Bi )

The side dishes, I think they have the best tasting Kim Chi.

Then yesterday, we went to try this award winning sushi chefs from Japan restaurant at Aberdeen Centre. The restaurant name is Umai Sushikan, located inside the mall at Unit 2790.
I read about the chefs from newspaper mentioning that he won several awards back in Japan. In Vancouver, we probably has the cheapest salmon since we are located in the region where salmon is so plentiful. We have tons of Japanese restaurant in here but most of them are not even own by Japanese. Mostly by Chinese or Koreans. So I think the taste is not authentic enough. Sure all of the restaurant always serve the same type of sushi or sashimi, so if you just looking for the USUAL stuff, you can always get pretty decent Japanese food from any restaurant here, but I am looking for something that is unusual, the more authentic one. That's why I went to eat in this restaurant.

By a glance at the menu, you can already see that there are many items that you won't find in other Japanese restaurants. This restaurant serve more KOBE beef. If you never heard about KOBE beef, it is the absolute best. I heard a lot about how Japanese manage to make such masterpiece, I heard they feed the cows with milk, and they even massage the cow! I also heard that now, Kobe is not the only town that can produce this kind of excellency, other town can do it too. But the KOBE name is already become the standard.

Because we kind of in a hurry to go home ( It's already pass La La bedtime! ), so we order the June Special, $85 for 2, we get 4 slices of salmon sashimi, their 4 giant , jeez... I don't remember the name, rice sushi, very colorfull and taste really good. Don't let the picture fool you, each of this sushi is as big as the small plate that they always give you in sushi restaurant. My son can only eat one and he is already full! Then Kobe salad with orange dressing. Then Lobster and vegetable tempura with a very unique ( at least to me ) green tea salt on the side for people who likes their tempura more salty. Udon ( very tasty ). Chef's choice sushi, very very good, fresh and unique. I like the ide of placing a lemon jelly on top of the scallop. Even their green tea is better than other restaurant. Other restaurant usually serve green tea that doesn't even taste like green tea anymore. This restaurant serve a real green tea both in color and taste.

Aberdeen Centre

4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC

This sushi is not only taste really good but they look so beautiful! Like a jewelry box.

Look at the top left corner, you see the green tea salt that I mention earlier. Then on the bottom right corner, you can see the fan shape tempura, it was made with noodle! I think it's pretty, KK sure loves their crunch!

Kobe Salad with Orange dressing.

It's been a long time since I eat sushi this fresh. The Tuna is absolutely melting in your mouth with so much marble ( fat ). Then you see the lemon jelly on top of the scallops. All of them are pure endulgence.

This picture is taken from their own website, it's their $12 lunch bento box I guess.

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